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Employment & Labor

The state, federal, and common law guidelines governing the workplace can be confusing and difficult to navigate. At Galbut & Galbut, we understand all facets of the employment relationship and are equipped to assist employers, employees, and contractors with the frequent issues that arise.

Our regular practice involves drafting and negotiating employment and independent contractor agreements for our business clients. As part of the process, we routinely counsel our clients on the employee vs. independent contractor distinction. Each relationship has its benefits and disadvantages, and through a careful analysis of the individual situation, we recommend the best framework for the relationship.

Our attorneys also understand Arizona’s "at will" employment statutes, and recognize the instances when it is best for an employer to avoid a formal agreement with an employee altogether. When an agreement is appropriate, we structure agreements to protect the employer, including confidentiality provisions and non-solicit and non-compete covenants.

The understanding gained through drafting employment and contractor agreements also informs Galbut & Galbut’s negotiation and review of employment/contractor agreements for the benefit of its employee and contractor clients. The knowledge of the important elements is an effective tool in the negotiation of any agreement.

Galbut & Galbut has developed an extensive base of medical clients, including dental practices, medical offices, and independent doctors and dentists. Galbut & Galbut is therefore adept at navigating issues that are particular to the medical profession, including privacy, patient record retention, billing, self-referral, and the disfavoring of physician non-compete clauses by the courts.

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