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Corporate Restructuring

The structure of a business is key to maximizing its profitability, and the appropriate structure for a business frequently changes over time. Rapid growth, acquisitions, additional business partners and investors, international expansion, adjustments to business plans, downsizing, and business divorces are a few of the changes where an adjustment in the structure of a business can be advantageous.

The business attorneys at Galbut & Galbut have the insight and experience to structure a business to best encourage long term viability, increase profitability, and introduce new growth initiatives for large and small businesses alike. The practical, and many times creative, solutions are the product of years of combined business and legal experience. Whether it be a partnership, corporation, C-corp, S-Corp, PC, LLC, PLLC, LLP, or LLLP, each restructuring is tailored specifically to the needs and challenges of each client to help achieve their objectives.

Galbut & Galbut also maintains strong relationships with top quality tax and accounting professionals to ensure all angles of the transaction are addressed.

If you need help with Phoenix Business attorneys, contact the business lawyers of Galbut & Galbut, P.C.

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