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Legal Help for Small Businesses in Phoenix

A Phoenix small business attorney at Galbut Beabeau, P.C. can help

The legal needs of a small businesses are no less important than those of a large coporation. But many small to medium-sized businesses just cannot afford their own in-house legal departments.  In that case, the qualified Phoenix small business attorneys, such as those at Galbut Beabeau, P.C. can help.

Common business transactions facing small businesses

The formation of a business is only the first legal decision that a small business must make.  Each day is filled with further decisions where legal advice can be of service.  We routinely help small businesses by drafting, editing, reviewing, and negotiating a variety of commercial business transactions, including:

  • Lease agreements;
  • Real estate purchase or sale agreements;
  • Contracts and agreements with customers;
  • Contracts and agreements with vendors;
  • Strategic partnerships and licensing agreements;
  • Asset purchase and stock purchase agreements;
  • Employment agreements and independent contractor agreements;
  • Loan agreements, notes, and deeds of trust; and
  • Loan modification agreements and loan workout agreements.

Legal challenges facing small businesses

In addition to transactions, many other legal issues face small businesses; including:

  • Establishing an effective business plan and strategy for the future;
  • Obtaining intellectual property protection, such as copyrights and trademarks;
  • Protecting the business through injunctions and litigation; and
  • Resolving disputes among the owners of the business.
    The handling of these legal issues can determine a business’s long terms success and profitability, and the attorneys at Galbut & Galbut can help ensure the issues are handled correctly.

Unleashing the power of alternative dispute resolution

We are well versed in alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation and arbitration.  These techniques can be especially beneficial to small businesses due to the potential for time and monetary savings when compared to traditional litigation.

Galbut Beabeau, P.C. has extensive experience representing clients in arbitrations before the American Arbitration Association (the “AAA”) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc., (or FINRA, formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers).  If required, however, the firm’s attorneys are always prepared to employ litigation if the situation demands a more aggressive approach.  We have the experience to know when and how to utilize alternative dispute resolution to add value to a client, but also to know when aggressive litigation will provide the client with the highest likelihood of success.

If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix small business attorney, please ask Galbut Beabeau, P.C. for advice and assistance.  Contact Galbut Beabeau, P.C. today.