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Martin R. Galbut has decades of experience in arbitrations of complex business matters, including both as a lead counsel for claimants and respondents in arbitrations before the American Arbitration Association and FINRA.  In addition, Mr. Galbut has acted as an umpire in a commercial insurance dispute involving matters such as business interruption and smoke damage losses.  Recently, Mr. Galbut was involved in a substantial dispute concerning a major insurance loss.  He was selected by two forensic accountants who were representing the insured and insurance company’s interests.  Mr. Galbut acted as the umpire under an agreement of the parties in order to reach a final resolution of the dispute.

Mr. Galbut’s decades of experience in business, real estate, securities, intellectual property, shareholders and partner disputes, financial validation and banking disputes make him an ideal candidate for acting as an umpire in commercial insurance disputes involving major claims.

The proceedings were very efficient and far less time consuming and costly than an arbitration or a court proceeding.  This was conducted under the provisions of the general liability insurance policies governing major commercial losses.

Martin Galbut is available to serve as an umpire in other commercial insurance and major loss matters.  References are available upon request.