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Outside General Counsel

Many businesses we counsel share common challenges that require legal solutions tailored to their particular needs. However, several are not of a size that warrant establishing and maintaining an in-house legal team. Our firm offers outside general counsel services for these clients, including:

  • Selection and organization of optimal business structures
  • Business formation
  • Development of road maps for business evolution and growth
  • Strategic advice regarding day-to-day operations and best practices
  • Evaluation and development of common legal agreements, such as employment agreements, vendor agreements, and leases
  • Guidance regarding business financing options, refinancing, and loan workouts
  • Counsel regarding business/asset acquisitions.
  • Distribution and licensing strategies
  • Guidance regarding liquidity events and exit strategies
  • Intellectual property protection counseling and registration maintenance
  • Risk mitigation strategies
  • Evaluation and avoidance of prospective litigation
  • Development of advantageous business networks and opportunities
  • Consulting on executive compensation
  • Assistance with business turnaround and dissolution

We provide outside general counsel services to businesses in all stages of their life cycle and across several industries, including finance, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, food and beverage, and healthcare.