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General Practice

Large Company/Corporation

Keith Galbut embodies every aspect of an excellent attorney. He easily established a deep, meaningful and trustworthy relationship with me from the start. The firm’s client service is superb and the entire staff makes me feel comfortable when I call or have an appointment. Keith’s professional background also created a great sense of credibility when I hired him and he the legal knowledge he has demonstrated in my matters thus far have exceeded all of my expectations. Needless to say, I would recommend anyone to work with Keith and Galbut Beabeau. I am confident in stating that I will be a “client/friend for life”!

Private Individual/Medium Size Business

I have been entrusting the fine folks at Galbut [Beabeau] with my family’s legal needs for several years now. The various types of representation we have required of them have not been simple nor similar in nature. Thus we have seen the entire Galbut [Beabeau] office perform across many landscapes with exceptional professionalism, impressive wide ranging knowledge, and constant positive results. . . . we have worked most closely with Keith Galbut and Olivier Beabeau. My family and I have found them both to be fully vested in learning as much about our specific needs and developing strategies that fall directly in line with those needs. Both fine attorneys pay close attention to detail and to ‘get’ the scenarios and work that needs to be accomplished the first time, proving their firm to be of the most efficient in the valley. Both are exceptional at crafting detailed, results inducing documents. They have an amazing talent for keeping the details and minutiae of a transaction fresh in their minds letting nothing slip through the seams. Keith will consistently discuss their value-added strategy and emphasize their desire to keep costs in line with potential outcomes. Two other intangible assets of their firm is its respect among their peers and its longevity in the valley. With the greater Phx basin being a relatively condensed space, it is certainly helpful at times to be represented by attorneys who are highly regarded among the best and most respected in the Valley. Their personal work on transactions cannot be undervalued as well. It’s the full team effort at Galbut [Beabeau] that is obvious in the ongoing experiences we have with the firm. Keith constantly makes it known that their staff and office is an open door and always available for their clients assistance and needs. It’s reassuring to know that we have found a law firm such as Galbut [Beabeau] who has the ability to handle all of our family’s needs for the foreseeable future. One really cannot place a value on having that piece of mind in place. We highly recommend the entire firm to anyone who may be in need of an exceptional law firm.

Private Individual/Small Business

AMAZING! PLEASE read!!! If I could give Keith Galbut and his team 1000 stars I would! I have always enjoyed my professional relationships with my personal attorneys but nothing like this! I am a professional with multiple limited liability companies and a busy life! Keith has been a game changer! He has assisted my family and my company with estate planning, identity protection, and family security. He opposed a major commercial health insurance company and recovered over $100k for my family with charges, eventually getting them all covered for us. He has assisted me with a personal law action suit that was settled in my favor as well. I couldn’t be more impressed. He has a gift for communication and understanding the client’s needs. He applies this to a fast and efficient resolution. This gentleman is clearly a professional and CARES about his clients- clearly an attorney with a passion for what he does for people. Keith and his team are responsive and professional. With every interaction, I knew I was in the best of hands. He understands that the goal of our team is a rapid and solution-oriented response. He and his team were literally with me every step of the way. This gentleman was in constant contact with me EVEN while he was on his family vacation. I could not offer any higher recommendation to anyone who needs an attorney for personal or professional purposes!

Small Business

The quality of professionalism, experience, education, and compassion to help others is truly reflected by Keith Galbut and his team at Galbut [Beabeau]. Absolutely the most exceptional service I have ever experienced and truly felt taken care of through a very emotional and difficult time for me. Keith and his team devote tremendous commitment towards their work. I could not recommend them more highly and greatly value our relationship. 

Private Individual/Small Business

In the course of the last 10 years, I have had to deal with four attorneys in three different countries. Keith Galbut was the best attorney that I had the good fortune to have. From day one, Keith demonstrated several key traits that I needed to see in an Attorney: integrity, knowledge of his field, strategic positioning of the case, open and honest communication and excellent work ethics. When one deals with the harshness of the business world, it is good to have an attorney that provides the best service and keeps his clients at the highest level of respect. I highly recommend Keith and his firm to anyone needing the best in the matter of representation and strategic legal advice with the best results.

Small Business

Keith Galbut and his team of professionals have made a tremendous impact in every aspect of my life by providing me with the tools and their legal expertise when I’ve been exposed to circumstances out of my control. His character and integrity are a true display of an extremely ethical individual worth more than any words could describe, thank you for always being there!!

Small Business

From the moment I met Keith Galbut, it was 100% apparent that he understood and represented the critical components of the attorney/client relationship. He has a unique ability to establish trust, rapport and comfort with his clients. I love the “boutique” feel to their firm, because it emphasizes the personalized service I expect from my legal counsel. It is evident that Keith Galbut and his entire staff strive to provide value to their clients from the moment they are engaged. I am a client for life!

Private Individual/Small Business

Keith Galbut and Galbut Beabeau are simply the best and most caring and diligent attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend them for a wide range of legal matters. They will truly take the best care of you and exceed all of your expectations.

Private Individual/Small Business

I have known Keith Galbut and Galbut Beabeau for several years, and have sought his council on several occasions. I always feel like he takes the time to not only advise me, but to explain his advice, so I can make an informed decision that is best for me. Everyone in his office has been professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I found that my questions are always answered quickly. You'll not find a more honest law firm. Keith and his firm are highly recommended!

Private Individual

I experienced exceptional results because of the time and cost-efficient manner in which Galbut [Beabeau] managed my legal matter. The tactics and strategies used caused the dispute to end quickly as compared to two other firms that attempted to resolve the matter for me over several years. The other firms protracted the dispute, as compared to Galbut [Beabeau] who resolved this quickly and efficiently and with an amazing result.


Transactions/Outside General Counsel