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Firm History


For more than 30 years, Martin Galbut has led the firm with unwavering dedication, compassion, and commitment to excellence. Martin has long championed the importance of mentorship, high moral character, collegiality, and dedication to the commitments one makes. He has made an indelible and enduring impact on the firm’s culture and continues to serve as an exemplar of what it means to be an outstanding lawyer, counselor, confidant, and friend.

Martin finds great joy in helping clients solve complex problems and is always keenly attuned to, and considerate of, the human aspects of the challenges facing his clients. A staunch and skilled advocate, Martin remains a humble soul and his loyalty and wealth of experience has led him to be among the most trusted and respected advisors to many of his peers in the legal community and to those across the business and political spectrum. He has had a profound impact on the Arizona community through his civic and judicial service, thought leadership for several non-profit organizations, and contributions to the arts as a decorated and accomplished painter.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be part of the firm Martin founded and are indebted to his having cultivated a uniquely rewarding environment where we can serve our clients and community at the highest levels of our profession.