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Intellectual Property

Our attorneys are well-known for their ability to maximize and protect the value of clients’ intellectual property (IP). This protection is accomplished through our attorneys’ comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ business operation and the services and/or products provided. Our attorneys counsel clients on all aspects of IP registration, management, licensing, protection, and enforcement.

Protecting Your Business IP

Intellectual property can be one of your business’ most valuable assets and it is important to ensure that it is adequately protected. Galbut Beabeau's IP attorneys provide clients with knowledgeable, strategic counseling on a broad range of trademark, copyright, service mark, and trade secret issues. Our attorneys’ extensive business acumen enables them to understand and take into consideration the real-world implications of proposed IP strategies.

Establishing Intellectual Property Rights

Our firm regularly assists clients in developing and protecting their brands through the registration of trademarks, service marks, and trade names at the state, federal, and international levels. Galbut Beabeau's IP attorneys can quickly and efficiently evaluate your business’ intellectual property position, identify the most appropriate vehicle for your IP’s protection, and execute the applicable documents to ensure strong protection.

Intellectual Property Right Enforcement

Galbut Beabeau's IP attorneys are experienced in the local and national enforcement of our clients’ IP rights. We have litigated in state, administrative, and federal courts throughout the U.S. Our attorneys’ knowledge of applicable statutory and common law rules has led to significant victories. Recently the firm acted as co-counsel in a Federal Court case in Arizona that resulted in a multi-million-dollar judgment and a permanent injunction against the infringement of copyright and trademarks. Whatever the venue, we have the resources and expertise to protect your rights.

Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights

We work with clients to acquire the established IP of other businesses, transfer our client’s IP, and evaluate treatment of IP in transactions. We regularly draft and evaluate license agreements, assignments, and agreements that deal with the transfer of IP rights.

Internet Media and Privacy in a Digital World

Our attorneys are knowledgeable about legal issues surrounding usage of clients’ IP in electronic forums. We regularly counsel clients on how emerging technologies are disrupting the usage of IP online.