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Outside General Counsel

Most businesses we counsel share common challenges that require legal solutions tailored to each client’s particular situation. Many are highly successful, but not large enough to justify a full-time in-house legal team. As a result, clients rely on Galbut Beabeau to serve as outside general counsel, providing an array of legal and business consulting services, including: implementing corporate governance protocols, developing strategic business initiatives, drafting of transactional and employment contracts, protecting intellectual property, negotiating and executing on licensing and financing agreements, reducing tax burdens, and handling an assortment of employment and labor-related matters. We also work with clients to position them for potential acquisition or for their purchase of other entities. Should litigation arise, our business attorneys’ pre-existing working relationship with, and knowledge of, the client’s business is instrumental in crafting effective litigation strategies and significantly reducing costs.

As a Phoenix, Arizona firm located in the fastest growing state and the third fastest growing economy in the U.S., we work with nearly every type of potential client across a broad range of industries, including banking, finance, construction, hospitality, real estate, drink and beverage, healthcare, and food. Galbut Beabeau’s services are especially helpful for clients in the Arizona business community, or those looking to break into the Arizona business community, as our attorneys are intimately familiar with the environment in which Phoenix businesses operate.

At Galbut Beabeau, we counsel clients in all stages of their business’ life cycle including:

  • Planning, organizing, and selecting the best business structure
  • Business formation
  • Developing a road map for the evolution and success of the business
  • Strategic business advice regarding day-to-day decisions and common legal agreements, such as contracts and leases
  • Advising on different financing options
  • Counseling regarding crucial business decisions, such as structuring major acquisitions or sales
  • Evaluation and avoidance of potential litigation
  • Assisting in the development of advantageous business networks and opportunities
  • Advising on executive compensation services
  • Selling or winding down and dissolving a business