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Founding Partner Martin Galbut Wins the Arizona Attorney Magazine’s 2020 Creative Arts Competition for Painting

Congratulations to Founding Partner Martin R. Galbut for winning the Arizona Attorney Magazine’s 2020 Creative Arts Competition!  Martin has won this competition in back-to-back years, and for the third time in total (the other being in 2016).

Martin is a landscape and seascape painter in the Impressionist and Tonalist traditions.  His inspiration is derived from wanting to capture and share with others the experiences he has been fortunate to have in beautiful places including Hawaii, California’s Central Coast, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, China, Japan, and Italy. Painting provides a peaceful, creative outlet for Martin, and he loves sharing his passion with family, friends, other artists, and collectors.  

Martin credits his artistic ability to wonderful and generous mentors, self-study, and schooling at the Scottsdale Artist School.  His aesthetic judgment and overall painting skills have developed to the point where many people have great interest in his work.  Martin’s paintings, which are full of his heart and soul, have become prize possessions in collections in many homes and offices in the United States and abroad.  They serve as reminders of the beauty which Martin captures in places where great memories are held.  Martin hopes others will enjoy his paintings as much as he enjoys painting them.

            Below are comments from some owners of Martin’s works:

  • “We have been collectors of international artists and lately have focused on the artists of Arizona. Galbut’s plein-aire landscapes are our favorites. The artist's selection of rich colors and balanced composition is just right. I am sure our collection of Galbut's will continue to grow.” – Dr. Oliver and Sharon Harper
  • “I had the great pleasure of receiving my first Martin Galbut painting as an engagement gift in my early twenties, and it was also my first painting I ever owned. I had this beautiful piece of art that was so personal and special since it was a painting from our honeymoon in Bali. That opened my eyes to how special and beautiful art is, and I now am a proud owner of many of Martin's beautiful paintings from all over the world from my own photographs. They are a treasure to me, and as I continue to collect art, I am always going back to Martin, because I know his pieces will always be stunning, special, and painted from his heart. I am blessed to fill my home with his talent and passion.” – Rachael Kuivinen
  • “Martin Galbut is a gifted communicator whether by words or by a paintbrush. His great skills as a lawyer trained him to be mindful of clients' needs in his professional practice, and he reflects the same mindfulness in his role as a landscape/seascape artist. The corresponding sensibility of his attention to artistic detail and the passion, beauty, and optimism he brings to his subject matter is a gift to all who have the pleasure of viewing and, better still, owning a painting from this exceptional individual.” – Olivia Slaughter
  • “We were overjoyed to receive a piece of art depicting our favorite city - San Francisco. The painting hangs in a prominent place in our living room and is enjoyed by all who view this fine piece of art. The colors that Mr. Galbut uses definitely bring the painting to life. The serene feeling that is given by Mr. Galbut's painting is very comforting - making me feel as if I am in the painting myself.” – Cindy Paugh
  • “I recently received a painting by Martin based on one of my photographs of a special place. I must say he did an absolutely magnificent job. I hung the painting in my office, where I know a lot of people will see it and ask all sorts of questions. I will be sure to let them all know it was painted by the one and only, fabulous painter . . . Martin Galbut.” – Hank Marshall
  • “I am now the very proud owner of four of your paintings. I have been collecting them over the past couple of years and love each and every one. Each painting brings me special joy and have placed them in my home, so others can see and appreciate these beautiful paintings. I specifically love your style of painting . . . your choice of colors and the way they enhance the paintings . . . and the different subject matters that you paint. I am honored to have your beautiful painting enhance my home.” – Joan Brent