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Grant Frazier Selected Secretary of the Board of Directors for the Center for Law and Military Policy

Galbut Beabeau, P.C. attorney Grant H. Frazier has been asked to serve another term on the Board of Directors for the Center for Law and Military Policy, and has been selected as Board Secretary. Grant’s term on the Board started in August 2018. He previously served as founding Editor-in-Chief of the Center for Law and Military Policy's ("CLMP") law journal, The Journal of Law, Policy & Military Affairs.

The CLMP is a nonprofit think tank dedicated to strengthening the legal protections of those who serve our nation in uniform through research and the production of educational material. The think tank focuses on meaningful policy reform in the following problem areas: military housing, veteran homelessness, VA healthcare, military sexual trauma, deportation of non-citizen veterans, the Feres Doctrine, women’s ability to serve and advance themselves in the military, and the military justice system.

The CLMP works hard to help close the civil-military gap and improve the civilian population’s understanding of military life and culture.  Through rigorous scholarship and timely educational programs, the CLMP seeks to bridge the gap between service member and civilian, and foster understanding, appreciation, and consideration on both sides.

Grant is the decedent of patriots who fought at Lexington & Concord in the Revolutionary War and family members who have served in the U.S. military in every generation since. He is a firm believer in George Washington's sentiment: "A nation is judged by how well it treats its veterans," and is dedicated to improving the treatment of those who serve, and have served, our great nation.