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Galbut Beabeau is proud to announce that Keith Galbut, and his wife Becky, founded and endowed the Celebration of Champions Fund at the Banner Health Foundation.  The Celebration of Champions Fund was created to honor the courage, determination, and resilience of children hospitalized at Banner Children’s at Desert. This fund will support celebrations for young patients’ completion of cancer treatment, recovery from surgery, conclusion of a lengthy hospitalization, or other major milestones in their care.  These celebrations not only reinforce courage in children, but honoring children’s demonstration of successful coping strategies also creates a culture of healing among our caregivers and clinical teams.

Keith, who also serves on the Banner Health Foundation Board of Directors, recently shared this about the fund, “Celebrating milestones in care is a very tangible way to honor these children who fight so hard for their lives, and support the overarching Banner culture of excellence in patient care.”  Keith and his wife, Becky, who is a former pediatric cardiac ICU nurse, had the desire to start this fund years ago when their son was hospitalized—which reminded them of the importance of high-quality care and need for ongoing support for children in positions of comprised health.

Keith and Becky are matching all gifts up to $50,000 to celebrate pediatric champions at Banner Children’s.  To read more about the inaugural milestone of care celebration supported by this fund, or to learn about making a tax deductible-donation to support these child champions, click here.

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